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his site CotonouCarBiz is design to educate potential clients on the procedures and processes involved in automobile business in Benin Republic in its commercial city Cotonou.

Actually Cotonou is heart beat of commerce in Benin Republic in West Africa. Due to reduced tariff and free import zone, most neighboring countries prefer to import through Cotonou. The encouragement from this low tariff and free import zone has boosted commercial activities in Cotonou to the extent that it is now known as the biggest African car market with record of over 20,000 cars sold in a month. The range of these vehicles are trucks, lorries, Buses, heavy duty vehicles, jeeps and various cars. The activities of importers come in two forms those importing from Europe and those buying from local car parks in Cotonou, these people could be car dealers or end-users as the case maybe.

Cotonou the nationals involved in car business are Beninese, Nigerians, Lebanese, Europeans and some other nationals. The pioneers of this automobile market are The Leberniese, due to their vast network in sourcing cars from Europe and a good number of them in Cotonou with numerous car mart, it appears the business is more favorable to them.

African yet have found a way to have their own car marts where they sell and transfer cars from any Vessel that berths.

Car business is lucrative and new entrants will always find an entry point to suit them, either by importing from Europe, or buying from importers there in Cotonou. New entrants into this business who have little finances are advised to start as commissioned agent. Although the official language there is French but that aspect of business gives room for bilingual, as in English and French but Arabian language is an added advantage due to the presence of a large number Leberniese Nationals there.

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